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Christmas Day   |   Dec 26

Christmas Day

Kate's wonderful pancakes and lots of fruit.
Even Millie ate.

Left to right:
Greta, Peter, Martin, Anne-Marie, Kate, Millie
Picnic on Rabbit Island.
We thought we'd be the only ones there, but I think all of Nelson was having Christmas dinner there.
We met up with Lars and Sam and his mother (Danish). Anne-Marie went to university with Lars, when he moved to Nelson, he took over Anne-Maries old job, and bought Martin's sports car. Anne-Marie and Martin sold the sports car as they were expecting Henry. Lars and Sam are now expecting their first baby, so I guess the car will be sold again.
Henry stuffing his face again.
The Beach, while the rest of New Zealand was suffering rain, and cold winds, we appreciated the breeze, or it would have been too hot.

Henry's first swim in the New Zealand Sea. He decided it was O.K.
After all that food and the cold water, a rest in the shade is really nice.
Henry loves dogs, and Lars' was very friendly, didn't even mind, when Henry tasted his bone.