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An other photo from the family lunch on January 6th.
Nic is doing juggling trick for the kids.
The house in the background is a new old house. It was shifted onto the property before Christmas.
Originally built early 1900.


Nic is a sone of an old friend from Sweden, while here the had a wonderful trip on the Kiwi Experience
They did white water rafting, mountin biking, I think just about everything except bungy jumping.

Here we are having a B.B.Q with Prue and Charlie, before they head South.

An other B.B.Q after they came back and head off to Australia.

Nic also had a few games of golf at Huapai Golf Club
Playing golf in New Zealand is actually quite cheap. Prices
Bella didn't play golf, but enjoyed going with them and drive the buggy.

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