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Link to: Royal Denarau Golf Club
Click on the 1st photo in each line to see enlargements.
On our way to have lunch at the golf club. Last day.
Lunch was really good, we should have eaten there more often.
Henry gets to drive the cart. Happiness. No photographs of the tears when the drive was over.
Henry knows, that golf balls go in the hole. So he walked from our lunch table down to the hole, and put several balls in.
HiJaak Image
Too many balls to all fit in the hole. Brought some back for Dad.
It wasn't all food and rest. Lots of golf for Peter and Martin. Peter also spent a lot of time on the little putting greens. (they were free).
Anne-Marie did some water skiing. One ski.
Martin did some windsurfing.
I had the best fun in the pool with Henry, but also got to play quite a bit of tennis.

Some of Anne-Marie's photos:
the gold course had some BIG sand bunkers.

The Sheraton.
The sunset, I never have such 'good luck' with my sunset shots.
Photo taken from our unit.