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London, June July 2000
Eating Again, dinner in Richmond.
     Relaxing at Lisa's and Graeme's
A drink in the Garden    
 Venus and Serena Williams,
 after winning the ladies double.

June/July 2000

As Lisa and Graeme had such a short time in NZ, Peter and I had decided to visit them in UK. Also we wanted to have a look at their house in Richmond. It is a lovely house and they have done a lot of work on it.
Great little garden in the back.

Weather could have been better, especially warmer, but we did manage to have a B.B.Q. one evening.

We also went to see a very good production of Oklahoma at the Richmond Theater.
The girl playing the lead was amazing. Must keep an eye out for her. She was only 15.

Peter and I also managed to get to Wimbledon and see the ladies double final.

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