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December 24th
Christmas Eve
A lovely hot day, and as you can see from the photograph on the right, a relaxed day too.

Millie and Henry had a great time in the paddling pool.
Henry's Christmas dinner

Chocolate pudding
Henry's first Christmas present.
I hadn't expected much from him, especially as he has more toys than the average toys store. But he loved it, was really excited about the new toys, and of course the wrapping paper.

We changed tradition this year. Usually we have dinner first and the hand out the Christmas presents, but with 3 small kids, we had presents first and then dinner, that way everybody enjoyed the whole evening.
Martin, Henry and Anne-Marie, don't they scrub up well.

Left: Sam with one of Millies presents, a violin that played 8 tunes, the big boys loved that toy too.   
Sam with more dinner than he can cope with, or is it just he feels like his mum about things coming from the sea.
More chocolate for Henry, it really is Christmas. Millie just have to give him a kiss.
After more chocolate and caramelized potatoes, Henry was bouncing off the walls, but as always, once but to bed there wasn't an other sound from him.