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We Keep partying.
Our good friends from Hong Kong Peter and Hazel came for a visit.
Louise and her friend Vern joined us for dinner.
We had the entrees outside, but it cold down a little so we ate the main course inside.

I had bought a Swedish smoking bag, and smoked a fillet of beef in it. It was very nice, but slighty overdone. But I got the bug. Martin is always making such great smoked things. so I went and bought a smoke box. Great fun. and not to hard.
As we went to Nelson for christmas, I had missed seeing my family, and promised to have them out for a B.B.Q in Jnauary, but with all that was going on it was almost March by the time it happend.
We had a great afternoon and evening, Michaels little girl Brinna, is a real daring. She turned a year in December.
Letft to right in the photo:
Ulla, Bryan, Micheal with Brinna, Tracy, Krisitaan, and Kristina (and me).
We try having Peter's mum out for dinner once a week. She still loves her food, and enjoyes coming out.
This was one of the few evenings we ate inside. We had some wonderful salmon steaks that night.
John usually picks her up and takes her home, but he is at the moment taking an bunch of overseas people around New Zealand on Motorbikes, through the North and South Island, on little used roads, and cross country.
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