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Hotel Ermitage, this is where we stayed. Best Hotel Peter and I have stayed in. Hope to go back.                                   too.
Graeme, me and Lisa In front of Hotel Royale,    Part of the resort, we could use their restaurants
Dinner on Bastille Day, Kids always love Clowns
   Lisa and me on the balcony of our room
Gruyere Switzerland, wet outside but lovely and warm inside. Over a fondue lunch                                                                     followed my Raspberries and cream
 Peter relaxed with a gin after a round of golf.
Evian - France

Lisa's and Graeme's birthday present to us was a trip to Evian, staying at the Ermitage Hotel.

We flew to Geneva, and then drove to Evian. Scenic route. As we were going to France we picked the rental car up on the French side. A mistake. There was no map in the car, so we headed to far south before heading East. Still it was a lovely drive, and we got to Evian in time to have lunch before the 3 golfers headed off for a game. I had an hour of tennis coaching. Really good. Then I had a swim in the large indoor pool, a soak in the spa and then tried out the steam room, while chatting to a French lady who's English was much better than my French.
Finished the day off with a fantastic dinner. Had a fantastic mushroom entree (wild mushrooms) I still dream of them.
Friday was wet, so we decided to do some sightseeing. We drove to Gruyere (Switzerland), where we had lunch. Including their famous cream over Raspberries.
Being Bastille Day they had a special dinner at the hotel. We had a wonderful table by the windows, so got a wonderful view of the fireworks.
Saturday, golf for the 3 and I had a look at Evian, after lunch at the golf club. Dinner at the Casino that evening we ate at the 'casual' restaurant. Food was good, and the staff was outstanding. Peter went home to bed after dinner, while Graeme, Lisa and I had a go at the poker machines. Didn't take us long to loose what we were willing to loose.
Up early Sunday morning to drive to Geneva for the flight home. We managed to hit every red light on the way. The drive to Geneva was about 45 minutes, then we spent an other 45 minutes trying to find the French side of the airport. 20 minutes before our plane was leaving we gave up.
Well we not only managed to get on the plane, but managed to change to a plane that went to Heathrow instead of Gatwick.
So back to Richmond for lunch and then on to NZ that afternoon.
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