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Millie, having discovered that Dukah is really nice.
Henry has got a slide
Guess who.

Lunch at one of the local Vineyards.

Having sold the business, I will miss out on the 'paid' trips to Nelson, so when I had to go to Wellington for work in Feb, I made sure I got a side trip to Nelson. Unfortunately it was only for a weekend, as I was much to busy to stay longer. Stopped off in Wellington and saw Kate and the kids. they are doing really well. Millie is eating, and Sam has started school and is loving it. dukah is a really nice ground mixture of nuts and spices, that you dip bread in. dip the bread in a good olive oil first.

We had a lovely lunch at this little wineyard. Henry certainly enjoyed his, and the stones on the steps. As usual he took off to get aquainted with some of the other guests.

Mapu, an other nice place for lunch and a swim. This was a sunday afternoon when they had a live jazz band. Only Henry was in the water. Marty wasn't feeling too good, he had been chasing his sheep, and decided to tackle on of them, Well he did get the sheep but at a price. With no rain in Nelson since before Christmas, the ground was pretty hard, he scraped the whole side of his leg, and it was ugly. I insisted he'd at least see a chemist to get something to put on the leg. I think they gave him acid.