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Henry - November, early December       (click on photographs to see enlargement)
1. Morfar was trying to rest
2. I have the cutest Mummy
3.How do you like my new PJ's
4. Ruby Bay
8 This was Dad's hat
9  They thought I was asleep
10  Mum still cute
11 New toy cupboard
12 How do I get that toy.
13 I can get around real fast.
14. Watch out Tiger
14. Me and Great Grandma
16. Hold it Morfar,
17. I'm on my way..
18.  Got you

Henry's diary
In November Mormor and Morfar came to visit, I had started to think that they didn't love me, I hadn't seen them for over 2 month.

Still not to sure about mormor, she only stayed for a few days, while Morfar stayed a whole week, He looked after me one afternoon when mum had to work, fed me and changed my nappy. I was nice to him, and didn't' fill it very much.
Photos 4 - 7
We went for lunch at Ruby Bay winery. It was a lovely day, 'they' had wine and really nice salads, all I got was a bottle and some stuff out of a tin.
Photo 8.
Did you see the silly hat my dad was wearing, well I fixed it for him. Don't know why he wasn't happy.

We went on a boat upto Awaroa, in the Able Tasman National Park.
this is our boat
 That was really fun, because the waves were quite large. I think mum and dad got scared, because they got off the boat before everybody else and walked the last 6 km. Morfar and mormor weren't scared, they stayed with me on the boat and looked after me. When we got to Awaroa, they had to walk in the water to get to the beach, Mormors pants got really wet, but I didn't.

Photo 9 (Awaroa)
I was supposed to be asleep, but I'm a big boy now and I can stand up in the cot.

Photo 10
While I was asleep, mummy went for a long run, I was really happy when she came back.

Photo 11
Look at the neat cupboard I found with lots and lots of toys. I was really happy, but mummy wasn't very nice and would not let me play with those toys.

Photo 12
this is my best video,  I love watching it, is is full of fun things, but I just don't seem to be able to grab them.

Mum and dad took me on a plane to Auckland. To see mormor and Morfar, (they said), but the first day there, they left and didn't come back for several days. I didn't really miss them, but I wasn't about to let them know, so as soon as mummy came back, I slammed my head against the table, and cried and cried and cried. (She felt really bad).
Mormor and Morfar are really neat, when I come into there bed in the morning, and have drunk my bottle, I don't have to crawl around and laugh and talk. They let me lie down and cuddle and go back to sleep.

Photo 14
Trying to play golf, Morfar tried to teach me, he doesn't realise I can't stand up by myself yet, so how can I swing a club. Never mind, give me a few years and I'll be beating him.

Photo 15
Great Grandma Lise came for a visit. She was nice to cuddle.

Photo 16
Mormor and Morfar have a great garden. I was helping, but when I started to eat the pretty red flowers she took me inside. They tasted real good too.

That's it no more photos, Mormors camera died, but Morfar is going to buy her a new one for Christmas. Don't know what Christmas is, but everybody is getting really excited about it.