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We stayed at the Edgewater Resort, one of the larger resorts. We picked it because it was close to the golf course, and had tennis courts. It was good value for money. (It was cheap), wouldn't go back, not too clean, very average, as was there food.
Didn't actually like the look of the water in the pool, but the sea, was very close, with lovely clear warm water, so who needs a pool.
The Rarotongan Beach Resort.
We had lunch here, and this is were we will stay next time. The place had a lovely feel to it, cheerful colours, good looking menu, and you could have all the wines on the wine list by the glass.
Nice beach and great looking pool.
Rooms weren't as large as at the edgewater, but nicer.

Afternoon Coffee at Trader Jacks.
We came back here for lunch an other day.
Great food. A wonderful choice of fish.
I had Tuna, with Taro chips.
Kumeu - Thought I'd include a photo of my Lemon tree, for you poor souls who are heading into winter.

Peter and I had a week in The Cook Islands early October. It was lovely to have some sun.

We hadn't been there before, but will be happy to go back. We stayed on Rarotonga the largest Island. Not very large, 36 Km around the island. We hired a motor scoter and did the trip a couple of times. You had to get a Cook Island License to drive there, and it you didn't have a light motor bike license you had to sit a test. Peter did have one, and I wasn't about to start driving one. It was scary enough on the back. The home trip was always better (after a couple of glasses of wine).
The Cook Islanders are very friendly, and speak very good English, most of them have been educated in New Zealand. An added bonus was that they use New Zealand currency, with our dollar being in free fall that was great.

Peter played a golf a few times, not the best of courses. I had tennis coaching every day, and am sure my game improved.

Lots of good restaurants, great seafood. The Italian restaurant was a disappointment, I can make better pasta.

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