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Lisa and Graeme came home for a quick visit in May.

It was great seeing them, just to short.

First day back Lisa had lunch with Farmor and Greta. It was a beautiful day. We sat outside at the waterfront, and had to ask for an umbrella, it was just too hot without one

In the evening we had dinner at Gracehill with Graeme's
parents and his sister and brother-in-law.

At the end of the evening they sprung their surprise.
They had got married, and not only that THREE YEARS AGO.
I won't say we were speechless. The other guest may well have wished we were.
  Lisa and Graeme
Dinner first night home, just after they told us their news.
Wedding Day - July 28, 1997 at Richmond,With Lisa and Andy their good friends who were able to keep the secret.

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