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Saturday Morning:
Up early and off to catch the boat to Bark Bay, and then walk back to Anchorage.
3.5 hours brisk walking. I made it, but there were times when I had doubts. Usually I hate going up hill, but at the end my toes hurt, so I hated going down hill. There where no flat bits.
Couldn't really complain, as Anne-Marie and Martin took turn at having Henry on their back.

Actually it was a great day, but they'd be disappointed if I didn't complain. As you can see from  the photographs, there were some fantastic views.

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Click on first photo in each row, to se enlargements.
Our resident expert, is deciding, what kind of bird we can hear.
Chocolate break.
Henry is trying all his words to get an other piece.
Cleopatras pool
Here's a boat, why are we walking.
Throwing sand at Mummy is real fun.
Jumping on Daddy isn't too bad either.
If we have to walk, giddy up mummy.
Henry helping his dad re-sow the lawn.